Mountain Biking Survival Tips

Man does not ride with bike alone. On the trail, he needs several things in order to survive. He needs different items, proper attitude and right knowledge to stay safe. The mountain biking survival tips are as follows:

Water and food
Whether it is summer or in the middle of the winter season, you as a biker need to drink plenty of fluid and eat substantial amount of food. Bring high energy food and enough water or energy drink to stay keep you hydrated during the course of the trip. Powerbars are recommended since they are compact and easy to carry. If powerbars are not available, you can bring fruits such as bananas and apples. Always pack extra food in case you have to stay longer on the trail.

Wear clothes that are suited for the type of weather. If you are riding in summer, bring light clothes made from breathable fabric. Winter riding requires layers of clothing that may include a t-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and a brightly-colored jacket so that you can be properly seen in the middle of the snow. Always bring pack extra clothing regardless of the amount of hours you will spend on the trail.

First things first: never ride without wearing a helmet. Then wear gloves for better grip and comfort. Gloves can also protect your hands in case you suffer a crash and use your palms to absorb the fall. Sunglasses are another important accessory you should wear. It serves as a protection against foreign objects that might enter your eyes. Depending on the color of the shade, sunglasses enhance the color of the road.

Bring a flashlight whether you are riding during the day or at night. Tire blow out can happen anytime while on the trail; always carry bike and tire repair kits that include multi-tool wrenches, pump, tire gauge, patches and glue. Do not forget a spare inner tube. It will come in handy in case the damage of your tire is not repairable.

Bring a map, a compass or a GPS in case you are unfamiliar with the biking trail.

Trip Planning
Like a good Boy Scout, be prepared. Pack everything you need before the trip.

To summarize all these, your backpack should contain the following: enough food and water, sunscreen, cellphone, pump, tire gauge, patches, glue, spare inner tube, multi-tool kit, first aid kit, wallet with identification and extra money, flashlight, a navigation tool like compass or GPS, a map, and a lighter.

Let someone know where you are. Give your itinerary including your expected time of return to a friend or a relative.

While mountain biking is a physical activity itself, make sure that you are physically prepared especially if you are going out for a more challenging and longer trip. (Do not ride alone.)

On the trail
The best way to get rescued is to stay put and remain visible. Protect yourself from heat.

Mountain forest and desert have its own weather system. And weather condition can change in a matter of minutes. In case it rains, stay high and dry. Create a make-shift shelter on the highest area of the terrain. Do not ride the storm especially if it comes with lightning.

If you are going to stay overnight, make a fire before it gets dark. Keep it alive throughout the night. Fire keeps predators away.

Temperature can plummet when dark sets in. Make sure that you are properly insulated.

If you believe in prayer, pray. It can help relaxes your nerves.