Are You Suffering From An Allergic Rash?

Every health problem has its own specific characteristics which help in diagnosing it. An allergic rash is in this manner, the indication of a skin allergy. Other symptoms of skin allergy are itchiness, cracked and painful skin, and inflammation. The itchiness usually causes the rash to become more intense since every time you scratch it, it gets aggravated further.

How To Fight An Allergic Rash?

The first thing to do is find out what are you allergic to and remove the trigger from your environment. In case you are unable to find out what causes the rash, you could treat it symptomatically taking extra care about each and every thing that you are coming in contact with. Possible causes would be your detergent, hand or face cream, powder, insect bites or stings, etc and you need to be watchful so you could find out what could be the actual allergen in your case.

You could consult a doctor who would in turn put you through a set of skin tests which would point towards if not determine what exactly causes your problem. As soon as you would find out what causes your allergic rash you should remove the allergen from your surrounding as this would ensure that the allergic rash would disappear.

In case you cannot identify what causes your allergy you could follow a few general rules that would alleviate your suffering. Keep your skin well moisturized – in case you cannot use cosmetics for fear of reaction, you could install a humidifier in your home which would prevent your skin from drying. Use only soap free cleansers for washing and wear protective gloves when doing housework especially when you wash clothes or dishes.

Until you find out what causes your allergic rash stay away from all types of cosmetics, deodorants, sprays, and even new clothes. Wash all your bedding in hot water and what cannot be washed should be well aired in the sun. You also need to keep away from wool, silver jewelry (and sometimes even gold), real or synthetic fur, and so on.

The treatment of the allergic rash would vary from person to person; however, the use of hydrocortisone cream has been found beneficial in the majority of skin allergies, which fortunately can be bought over the counter. You will find that this cream can control itchiness to a very large extent, which would give you time to heal and identify your possible allergen.

There are other products you could use, but the best would be to consult a doctor if you find that the skin problem stays for more than four weeks in spite of all your best efforts to control it. In such a case, it might the symptom of some other problem.