How to Live a Normal Life With a Milk Allergy

When you have a milk allergy you may need to make a few major adjustments to your diet in order to avoid milk. We all know that milk is good for you. Milk is known to make teeth and bones stronger due to the calcium that milk contains. When you don’t get enough milk in your diet you soon become weak and your bones will become brittle making you more subject to bone breakage. As you get older you may also develop such conditions as Osteoporosis which is due to the lack of calcium over a long period of time. There are many symptoms of a milk allergy and they may not be noticeable to you at first. But eventually you must come to terms with the fact that you have a milk allergy.

Any type of allergy can be dangerous. An allergy is your body’s way of responding to something that is not right. If you are allergic to bees you will have an allergic reaction when you get stung. For some people, a bee sting can be life threatening in almost minutes after the sting. There are all types of allergies that can cause a reaction of some type in your body. Once you initially have an allergic reaction you may be rushed to the hospital where you will be given medication that will counter act against the allergy in your body.

How to live with it

Once you find out about a milk allergy your doctor will go through a list of foods that you will need to avoid in order to reduce your chance of having an allergic reaction again. You would be amazed at how many food products out there that do contain some type of milk products. Some examples of foods that you will need to avoid include mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, scrambled eggs, and some of your major dishes that are deliciously prepared using milk or milk products. When you have a milk allergy you will need to avoid all these foods and more because you don’t want to take the chance of having another milk allergy.

When you go to your next doctor’s appointment you need to ask him or her for a list of foods to avoid. Most of the time, these lists are gathered from another source and submitted to doctors all around the world so they can pass the information on to their patients that come in with a milk allergy. You must remember that a milk allergy is something that will go away in fact it will stay with you from now on so you will need to learn to live life with your milk allergy. You also need to remember when you go out to eat that you cannot have milk products. You do not want to go through another milk allergy because you forgot. It’s best to tell someone that you are with that you have a milk allergy so they can watch for signs of a milk allergy if necessary.