How to Achieve Asthma Control

If you suffer from asthma, you realize that nothing is quite as important as controlling it. Such things as medicine, lifestyle changes and avoidance of factors that are known to cause an asthma attack can achieve asthma control. Since many people suffer from asthma in different ways, your physician is best suited to determine what measures best will afford you asthma control.


Medicines that are used for asthma control include controller medicines, rescue medicines and combination medicines. Controller medicines are taken on a daily basis and help keep asthma attacks from happening.

Rescue medicines are used during an active asthma attack, or once symptoms present themselves. Combination medicines contain both a controller and a rescue medicine. Your physician will be able to advise you about which of these medicines will be able to provide you with asthma control.

What to Avoid

Many people are unaware of exactly what causes their asthma attacks to occur. In order to achieve asthma control, it is important to avoid certain things that are known triggers of asthma attacks until you become aware of what your particular triggers are. Some triggers that may interfere with asthma control include pet dander, pollen, mold, dust, tobacco smoke, sudden changes in temperature, aspirin, perfume, spray on deodorants and certain foods.

Actions to Take

In addition to avoiding known triggers, there are other actions that can be taken in order to achieve asthma control. Some are lifestyle changes that can be easily undertaken. One of the things you can do is avoid sulfites, which are known asthma triggers.

Sulfites are preservatives that are generally found in beer, wine, dehydrated soups as well as in foods that are found on salad bars. You can also help yourself achieve asthma control by changing the filters to your air conditioner and heating systems on a regular basis. This will cut down on mold and dust being blown out through the air ducts.

Since there is no cure for asthma, asthma control is very important to those suffering from asthma attacks. There are so many things that can be done in the quest for asthma control. Heed your doctor’s advice, know your physical limitations, and realize that asthma control can be a reality for you. With just a bit of research and a few lifestyle changes, your asthma can be brought under control and this could make your life a whole lot easier.