Non Medicinal Methods of Finding Asthma Relief

Finding asthma relief can be difficult and costly because many health care plans will not cover newer treatments or medicines. The side effects from some medicines can lead to other short- and long-term health problems and drug allergies and bad interactions can be a constant worry.

While not using any medicine at all for asthma symptoms is inadvisable, there are non medicinal treatments that can help you find asthma relief and perhaps reduce the amount of medicine you are taking. Many studies have been done in the past fifteen years to explore these alternative methods to treat the symptoms that come from inflamed and irritated airways.


In 1979, the World Health Organization reported that acupuncture can treat a variety of ailments, including asthma. Several studies have reported that the use of long, thin needles inserted into the skin has resulted in asthma relief for a very high proportion of test patients. Be sure to find an acupuncturist who is licensed by a state agency. Your allergist may be able to give you a referral.


Reflexology is also called zone therapy, and there is some question over its effectiveness in delivering asthma relief. This method is based on the belief that each part of the body is represented on the hands and feet, and by applying pressure to the zones, one can stimulate the flow of energy, blood and nutrients to the afflicted areas. Some studies have shown that reflexology provided only a placebo affect on people seeking asthma relief. However, a few studies have reported that reflexology helped reduce symptoms in asthmatic children.


Yoga is a Hindu practice that involves certain poses and breathing exercises. These are done to train the consciousness for a state of perfect tranquility and spiritual insight. The poses and breathing exercises help you learn control of mind and body. Yoga has long been believed to help people find asthma relief, not only through the breathing exercises but the overall change in a person’s life when they become yoga practitioners. Yoga promotes healthier living and being more in tune with your body, which can help you identify asthma triggers before a full-blown attack. Yoga will help you learn to reduce anxiety and be more relaxed.

Swimming Therapy

Swimming is a good way to find asthma relief. Contrary to popular belief, asthmatics can and should participate in sports and exercise regularly. Studies have show that swimming in particular causes less airway restriction than other sports. Scientists are not quite sure about the reason behind this but suspect that the humidity around water and the horizontal swimming position might be behind the beneficial affect. However, chlorine can sometimes be an irritant and asthma attack trigger, so caution must be taken when swimming in a pool.
Many non medicinal methods of finding asthma relief are available. Some methods have been studied extensively while others have not. Just try a few, and find out what helps you find asthma relief.