All About Gum Disease Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by a good many different conditions. Bacteria build up on the tongue is one cause and so are sinus infections, but one of the foremost causes is gum disease. Bad breath seems to hold some people hostage due to the embarrassment that goes with it, but when it is caused by gum disease, there is something positive that can be done to prevent it.

The cause of gum disease is usually poor dental hygiene. While most people do brush their teeth daily, simply brushing is often not enough to remove plaque which is considered the primary cause of diseases that settle in the gums. Because gum inflammation is often due to the build up of bacteria under the gum line, that bacterium also causes bad breath.

Periodontal disease is the official name for gum disease and is considered a medical condition that is often observed during a visit to a dentist. The dentist will recommend a course of treatment that will usually include a cleaning schedule as well as daily flossing and sometimes a regimen of antibiotic if that is warranted.

Poorly fitting dental appliances are another cause of bad breath that is often attributed to gum disease bad breath, but once isolated the culprit many times is a yeast infection instead. Since dental appliances prevent air flow between the gum and the appliance itself yeast can begin to grow and cause what is known as thrush of the mouth. This usually comes with a bad odor emanating from the mouth.

While bad breath gum disease is enough reason to be concerned, there are many other things that might cause the person distress when there is any kind of infection or simple inflammation in the mouth. Gum disease can lead to teeth becoming loose and eventually falling out. When the gums around the teeth become inflamed, they also begin to pull away from the teeth. This gives even more room for bacteria to grow and a vicious cycle begins.

The best thing to do when you are noticing that you may be having gum disease bad breath is to make an appointment with your dentist to have your entire mouth examined. They will be able to give you their best advice and recommend a treatment plan that is sure to not only give you relief from bad breath but also to cure the cause of that offensive bad breath.

While bad breath gum disease if bad enough in itself, there are many other health conditions that can be directly related to the conditions that cause it. Here is something to remember when thinking about dental health is that bacteria that are in the mouth can be transferred to the heart and lungs as well. This makes it even more crucial for anyone suffering from any kind of gum disease, including the bad breath it causes to visit with their doctor to get this condition cleared up quickly.