Understanding the Causes of Bad Breath

We all know that eating onions and garlic can definitely wreak havoc on our social lives, but there are other reasons why bad breath can occur. Understanding the causes can help an individual figure out the core problem and get it resolved properly. Sometimes bad breath could be an issue that is related to your health, which means you shouldn’t let it go.

Today we want to provide you with several different bad breath causes. While some of them can be correct easily, others may need a little more work. Either it’s important information you have to consider.

The Easy Stuff

Let’s go ahead and eliminate all the simple areas that most people usually consider. This revolves around food and beverages, which might taste great, but they can leave unpleasant after tastes. Here is a short list of various ones that you should try to avoid:

* Garlic
* Onions
* Various alcohols
* Different spices and herbs
* Etc.

Understanding how it starts

While food and drink consumption can contribute to your bad breath, it’s actually the volatile sulfur compounds in the mouth and back of the throat that bring forth the foul odor. They are present because of the bacteria that we all have in our mouths actually produces them.

Even though people try to cover their bad breath with mouthwash, the majority of the time you cannot get all the compounds out there. They are found between your teeth, underneath your tongue, and deep within the tonsils. The next time you go to brush your teeth, look in the mirror and see the bacteria that has built-up on the very back of the tongue where it’s unreachable.

Mouth Rinse, Mints, and Sprays

Bad breath needs to be treated like every other type of condition out there. It’s important to figure out the real cause of the problem so it can be rectify right the first time. If you grab the Listerine, an Altoid, or use some sort of Breath Spray then you’re only masking the problem.

These are short-term solutions that never seem to work as long as you would like. Why? Well, it’s because you’re not trying to fix it.

Serious Issues

If you’re a tobacco user (smoking, dipping, chew, snus, etc.) this can be a major cause of bad breath. Even if we forget about the other risks involved (e.g. mouth and lung cancer), you could also end up with gum disease, periodontal disease; which both contribute to bad breath.

Those who have ailments with the kidney and liver may also notice bad breath occurring frequently. The best thing to do is visit your dentist and make sure everything in your mouth isn’t the cause. If this is the case then you should consult your family physician. After all, a healthy mouth means a healthy body most of the time.