Bipolar Disorder: Symptoms of Mania in Manic-Depressive Illness

There are many people today that are unaware or little informed about a very serious brain condition that can affect their daily life. This condition can cause difficulties in controlling ones mood that can result in having relationship problems, and can make their performance at work or at school deteriorate.

Many people consider that having a good physical health is enough in order to live a normal and productive lifestyle. What most people neglect to consider is that they should also be aware about their mental health where they may never know if they are already suffering from a serious bran disorder called bipolar disorder or sometimes called as manic-depressive illness.

This particular disorder can affect a person’s mood which can include unusually excessive highs and lows in their mood. This means that people with bipolar disorder experiences different moods, such as excessive happiness, and excessive depression in cycles. What this suggests is that people with bipolar disorder can experience being depressed or being euphoric at no reason at all. It just happens.

You have to consider that this particular condition can cause difficulty for a person to live a normal and productive life. This is because of the symptoms that they experience can be very disabling and can affect how they think and how they make critical decisions and judgments. It is very important that you should consider the fact that bipolar disorder is a very serious mental disorder than can be disabling and in severe cases, can be lethal.

Bipolar disorder consists of two different classifications of symptoms. The person who is suffering from bipolar disorder may experience manic, depressive phases at a cycle process or both at the same time. In the manic episode, the person suffering from this illness will experience excessive euphoria. What this means is that the person will be at an unusually high mood.

Meaning, the person suffering from the manic episode associated with bipolar disorder will be full of energy. At this episode, the person suffering from bipolar disorder can experience racing thoughts. The racing thoughts symptom is not about thinking fast, but it is a condition where the sufferer will experience never ending thoughts. This means that you can’t just make it stop. There will always be something in your head that you don’t even want.

Racing thoughts may include memories about the past that just won’t go away and is completely irrelevant to what you are doing. It may include parts of past conversation that you had with someone, parts of a movie or music, and it can even include hearing your own voice repeating some phrase over and over again.

Another symptom of mania associated with bipolar disorder is being unable to make good judgments. Since your thoughts are constantly on the go and won’t stop, you will always be distracted. In turn, this will cause a person to become irritable. The symptom can last for a few minutes and in severe cases, it can last up to a week. As you can see, manic episodes can significantly affect your work or school performance because you can never concentrate on anything.

Your brain will constantly be active during the manic phase where it can also contribute into letting you think that you have a lot of energy and don’t need any sleep. You have to consider that this is a particularly dangerous illness that immediately needs attention.

You have to remember that bipolar disorder has no cure. However, it can be treated up to the point where you will take control of your mood and your thoughts again. The treatment will consist of psychotherapy, where a psychiatrist will encourage you to talk and where he or she will teach you how to cop with it.

Usually, the psychotherapy is combined with special medication that can normalize the mood levels and decrease the effects of mood swings. You have to consider that bipolar disorder will also include depression. It is important that you should know all about the different signs and symptoms of this illness in order to be aware of it and know if you are one of the people affected with this illness.

These are some of the things you should remember about bipolar disorder. By knowing about the manic symptoms, you will know if you have one or not. It is important that once you detected the mentioned symptoms of mania mentioned, you should immediately consult your psychiatrist.