What is Leaky Gut?

If you have had ongoing stomach and intestinal issues, you may have heard your doctor or someone online mention leaky gut. This may sound like something that you think you don’t have or you may have misconception of what leaky gut actually is. Before you move on from this as a possible issue you are having, that could explain other related issues you are having, consider the basics of what leaky gut is and what it means for your body.

Pores are the Issue

The clear cut answer to what leaky gut is can be defined in the pores of your intestinal lining. Overtime, with strain and other issues like diet, your intestinal tract can become more porous. This means that the tiny pores throughout the lining are now becoming more open allowing waste and toxins to leak. This is referred to medically as Hyperpermeable Intestines or leaky gut.

Immune System Issues

One of the first things that may clue you into have leaky gut issues is actually your immune system. You may find yourself getting sick more often, having bowel issues, or having ongoing issues with digestion. The reason for this is due to how your intestines work. The lining actually provides a barrier to keep your immune system safe from toxins as they exit the body. If the toxins are leaking out of the now porous areas of the lining, then you are leaching that fluid into your system. It is coming in contact with your immune system and causing you to be ill more often with reduced chances of getting better or moving on from the illness itself.

Foods Are Not the Cause

You may be under the misconception that it is the foods you are eating that are causing all the intestinal problems and leakage. The truth is that isn’t the case at all. The foods are simply leaking out. If you are thinking about diet change then know that the diet changes you can make to improve the issues are simply to maintain what is leaking in your system from being more harmful and to give a more gentle food to your intestinal tract. Food can help, but it wasn’t too many fatty or acid based foods that caused leaky gut.

These are only three of the major key points regarding what leaky gut is and how it can affect your overall health. If this sounds like what you are going through, consider contacting your physician to find out more and to see what can be done about your overall situation.