Grab the 2nd Edition of Milkowitz’ Bipolar Disorder Guide for Patient and Family Members

Books are generally widely available in many different places. A lot of people spend countless hours in bookstores trying to find good quality reading materials that can help in enriching their minds with fresh and new ideas or knowledge that they may find useful in their everyday lives.

Finding a good book is not that hard, especially if you know what you’re looking for. And besides, if you’re a book-lover you already have a wide range of choices when it comes to authors.

Everyday, a huge number of people are diagnosed with different diseases or illnesses. Perhaps, you’re one of them, or maybe a family member is afflicted. It’s hard to tell when a person will get an illness, or when he’s already suffering from it. And this is true with bipolar. If you have no idea what bipolar is, then you’d better purchase the book written by David J. Miklowitz.

The second edition of the book entitled ‘ The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide: What You and Your Family Need to Know’ is a very good addition to your book collection. Not only that, it can be of great help to you and your family.

Before, people diagnosed with bipolar don’t have much choices to help them in their daily struggle. But at present, because of sharper diagnosis, better medicine, and a lot of support groups, there is a bright future waiting for bipolar patients.

The author of the book mentioned is a Psychology Professor in Colorado University since 1989. He conducted a valuable research funded by MacArthur Foundation and the NIMH which was recognized and awarded by various organizations. His book’s second edition is a great resource for bipolar patients because it provides information on:

– early signs and warnings on mood swings caused by normal day to day experiences
– medications available for bipolar patients and their possible side effects
– things to do when you’re descending into mania or depression
– how to get support and help from friends and family members
– how to inform co-workers about the illness without losing your career

The abovementioned information is clearly discussed on the book. David Miklowitz wrote the book’s second edition intended for the use of the patient. It is a comprehensive guide that tackles different information and other related questions that the patient may have in mind. It will help them to take charge and reclaim their life from bipolar. Since Miklowitz is a specialist and a researcher, he is considered an expert in his own field; and therefore, he is able to provide proven tools that can help bipolar patients to balance their life emotionally and financially.

Don’t lose your life to bipolar, make a move now and purchase the book by Miklowitz. It has garnered high ratings in many editorial reviews. The book deals with exclusive patient issues like overcoming the diagnosis, the right person(s) to confide, and recognizing your mood swings. The book is not only useful for patients, but for their therapists and family members as well. Many editors claim that the book is humane and impressive. It promotes stability, explores multidimensional management techniques, thorough, well-written, and full of great advice to re-organize the patient’s life. People having the illness, as well as non-sufferers can find the book very useful.

The book is also a great addition to large libraries because it is rich in materials to demystify bipolar. It explains methodically the disease, symptoms, diagnosis, and cogently explains possible causes; and at the same time offers advice to manage it. There are also logs and worksheets provided to help patients better understand bipolar. All in all, the book is interesting, informative, and compassionate.

Your life is full of ups and downs. It is a natural occurrence that all people must be able to cope with; but not all people are strong enough to face the hardships of life. And so a great number of them end up with certain illnesses like bipolar. Don’t despair because it’s not the end for you of your family; there are many resources to turn to like this book. Open your mind to the many resources that can help you in your suffering. Purchase the book now and see the difference.