Is Eye Strain Causing Your Headaches?

The disorienting and distracting effects of a headache can keep your from wanting to
complete your daily tasks and ruin the mood for all kinds of events. One of the most
common causes of headaches are often a simple case of eye strain. When your eyes
and the muscles associated with them haven’t been allowed proper rest, is results in a
fatigue hat can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. This article will show you a few ways
to know that your headache has been caused by eyes strain.

Your Sensitivity to Light Is Elevated

When you go outside, do you notice if your eyes have to try very hard to adjust to the
changes in lighting? It shouldn’t be painful when you step into light. This usually occurs
when your eyes have a speedy exposed to low lighting where your eyes have had to get
used to squeezing as much light out of the environment as possible. When your eyes
have become used to functioning in this way, having to suddenly adjust to a different
setting can be difficult and even painful. Exposure to varied lighting helps rest the many
different muscles that control the eye’s minute adjustments.

Your Eyes Are Irritated Frequently

Another powerful indication of eye strain, is that they are irritated a lot of the time. If your
eyes are irritated, that means that either something in the environment is hurting them,
or that your eyes aren’t getting the proper rest the need. As time goes on, eyes that go
untreated can eventually develop more dramatic problems that can disrupt your daily

Blurred or double vision

After sustained periods of neglect, your eyes might begin to fail for small periods of time
resulting in blurry or double vision. This is often the simple result of muscle groups in
the eyes. reaching their point of exhaustion. This similar to how your vision can become
blurry when you are tired, and your body no longer functions well enough to hold your
eyes in place and allow you to see things properly.

Sore Neck and Shoulders

Have you ever gotten done watching something and discovered that your neck is sore?
You might be surprised to find that this is another symptom of eyes strain. This can be
for a few reasons. Some people when straining to see things have the habit of tensing
certain muscles groups, and given that vision is centered in the head, people with tense
the muscles in those areas without realizing it. After sustained periods of tensing, which
can often be 2 or more hours when binge-watching entertainment, the muscles begin to
get very tired and sore.