Yoga for Eye Strain

Most people know what it’s like to have eye strain. As the visually dependent technology
becomes more and more widespread, it’s becoming more common for people to
experience some kind of discomfort that comes from peering into a device for extended
periods of time. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help reduce the
negative effects.
Yoga has had a hand in naturally aiding with various pains, and you might be happy to
know that this also includes things like eye strain. Here are some yoga moves that will
help with your eye strain.

Palm Your Eyes

To do this yoga move, you should have the full warmth of your hands. This is done by
rubbing your hands in circular motion against each other until they feel fully warm and
are circulating blood as much as possible. Close your eyes and place the warmed
palms of your hand over your eyes. Be sure to avoid lacing pressure directly over your
eyes as this can cause more strain.

Allow the warmth of your hands to slowly sink into your eyes and breathe deeply. Take
note that if you’re in a bright area that this will restrict even the light that passes through
your eyelids. This will give your eyes a much-needed break from absorbing information.
Hold your hands over your eyes for a s long as you like, but you can generally get the
desired effects within 5 minutes if performed at different times in a day.

Focus on Objects of Varied Distance

This exercise is great for helping vision related stress. The only thing you have to do is
find something in the distance that you can clearly see and focus on it for a few
moments. If you’re inside your home or work, it might be necessary to look outside for
an object. Fix your eyes on the object and try to see it as clearly as you can. Once you
have adjusted to the object, find something in a different distance to look at. This helps
get your eyes in the habit of focusing on a wider range of depths, which gives your eye
muscles a rest from seeing things the same distance much of your time awake.

Fixed Head Eye Rolls

Variety in muscle movement is essential for health, so this exercise makes a great use
of that principle by giving you the chance to move your eyes about in a way that gives
them a much greater range of movement than in your daily life. All you need to do is
take deep breaths and hold your head in one place. Look up, then begin circling your
eyes in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion. Once you’ve completed a few
circles, simply reverse the motion, and you will have done an exercise that will help you
to alleviate your eye pain.