Restaurant Dining and Gestational Diabetes

It is not expected of you to eat at home for your entire pregnancy but you are going to
have to exercise caution when you are dining out in a restaurant or even at a friend’s
house for that matter. Many foods are not prepared as healthily as they could be but you
can make choices and requests that will make eating out less stressful for you and easy on
your blood sugar.

Many restaurants today make different eating requirements easy for their clients by
designating food choices as “light” or “heart-healthy” these are the ones that should be
the first choices on your list. But don’t worry; you are not bound to just these choices.
Speak up, let your server know of your special dietary requirements and ask if they take
special requests or substitutions (very few restaurants will say no).

Here are some ideas of items that can be changed on the menu:

* If you are unsure how a dish is made or with what – ask
* Find out how big the meal is. If you know that is a very large portion ask that
they box up half before bringing it to you and you will be less tempted to eat more
than you should.
* When ordering salad, baked potato, or another item that comes with toppings ask
for them on the side if at all.

If you are going to a fast food restaurant it can be even trickier to find something on the
menu that is appropriate. But there are some choices available. Steer clear of the fries
and look for menu items that include the words broiled or baked. A grilled chicken
burger or deli sandwiches are smart choices. Try to stick to your regular eating time, if
you arrive at the restaurant early enough you can hope to be served around the same time
you would have eaten at home.