Healthy Foods For Leaky Gut

When you start dealing with a treatment plan for your leaky gut issues, you may be looking at various options. One of the options may be supplements. In many cases, these supplements work best with a diet change in your life. If you are wondering how to change your diet to help the supplements work as well as give you healthy food options for your leaky gut, then here are some options.

Fermented Foods

One of the ways that you can help your leaky gut is to start adding fermented foods to your diet. These foods can be something as simple as Kombucha tea. The reason you want to add these to your diet is because of the cultures that develop during the fermentation process. These cultures will help aid your system in digestion and move toxins through your system easily and quicker than normal. This means your toxins that are leaking out will be reduced because they are not sitting in your intestinal tract and causing blockages that are related to digestion issues.

Vegetables without Starch

When people say eat more vegetables, you may think adding potatoes or high starch easy to find vegetables are a good idea. The truth is that the high starch vegetables will not help. You need high fiber low starch vegetables that help breakdown your food and move it through your system. Fiber based vegetables offer you a wide variety of minerals and vitamins as well. If you are not used to high fiber vegetables, you may want to start out slow and work your way up slowly. If you introduce too many at once, you can find that you are getting bloated and causing more digestion issues than helping.

Coconut Oil

It seems like coconut oil is the cure all, but in this case it really is. By using this in place of butter and cooking oils you will find that you are promoting a healthy balance of oils in your diet. These healthier oils will actually help to not build up blockages and move your food through your system easily. It can also help safely coat your stomach to help prevent further leaky gut issues and reduce the amount of toxins being released.

These healthy food options for leaky gut are easy to find, easy to prepare, and can be easily put into your daily diet routine. Though these foods won’t solve the issue, they will help with a treatment plan that can lead you to better gut health as well as leaky gut being reduced or reversed.