Dietary Changes That Help With Lyme Disease

Just like with many other illnesses, food and dietary change can help Lyme disease
patients greatly. It may not be able to reverse or cure the disease, but it can help to
make changes that are noticeable. If you are living with Lyme disease, you may be
wondering what type of dietary changes you can make that will help you now and can
be added to your routine and become part of your lifestyle. Here are some dietary
changes that are easy to do, easy to keep doing, and easy to use outside of the home
to help with your Lyme disease.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

The first step to take in your dietary changes to help Lyme disease is to focus on foods
that have strong anti-inflammatory effects. For example, turmeric is a food that is easy
to add to your routine and can benefit you greatly. You can take turmeric powder and
water and create a paste. Cook the paste to release the benefits of the turmeric. The
paste can be kept in a jar in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Use ¼ teaspoon of the
paste and mix with one cup of warm milk. Drink the milk, also known as golden milk, on
a daily basis to reduce inflammation. You can also drink black cherry juice, but make
sure that if you do this the juice is pure and that it is organic or vegan related to cut
down on chemicals that may counteract the anti-inflammatory benefits.

Add Fiber Rich Foods

You need to have good digestion to move the toxins from the disease out of your body.
This means you need to increase your foods that are rich in fiber. The fiber will help with
digestion from start to finish. It will also help your colon cleanse naturally and move any
toxins that may be residual in your colon. Fiber rich foods are foods like carrots, lentils,
broccoli, and brussel sprouts. Make sure that if you are using these foods to help with
your fiber intake that you are eating as many as you can raw. This will give you a direct
source of the fiber. If you have issues with the vegetables, consider adding a fiber
supplement to your daily routine.

Gluten Free

One of the most important things you can do for your body if you have Lyme disease is
start a gluten free diet. There are many options that you can do for this but the easiest is
to go on a Paleo diet. The reason for this is that Paleo is naturally gluten free. It is also
rich in vegetables and meats that give you iron and fiber. Both elements are things you
need for your body to function properly and to move toxins through your digestive

There are other dietary changes that you can incorporate as well. These are just the
simplest and easiest ones to adapt into your lifestyle. As you find what works for you,
you can begin to add and research other methods that will help with your Lyme disease.