Medical VS Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

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After the initial diagnosis of Lyme disease, you may be facing a variety of choices. One
of those choices is going to be between medical and natural remedies. If you aren’t sure
what the differences would be, or even what you need to know about the benefits or
cons of each treatment then here is some information on each. This is just a simple
overview of the pros and cons of both to help you narrow down what you may want to

Pros of Medical Remedies

One of the main pros to using medicinal remedies is the effect they have on the body.
They can take care of the Lyme disease quickly. Keep in mind that the medical option is
actually fairly limited to antibiotics if the Lyme disease is caught quickly. This means that
not only are you getting a dose of what will cure the Lyme disease but it will also give
the you the second pro of curing it quickly. Antibiotics usually are taken daily for about a
week to eight days.

Cons of Medical Remedies

Chemicals. Chemicals tend to be the main deterrent of people using medical remedies.
You may not trust what is in them or you may not want to have any chemicals entering
your body due to vegan or other lifestyles. The second con of using medicinal remedies
is that they may not work the first time and may cause side effects you do not like. For
example, you may develop yeast infections from antibiotics. They also reduce the
chances of certain birth control pills working as well.

Pros of Natural Remedies

There are several pros of natural remedies for Lyme disease. One of them is of course
there are no chemicals. The other pro that most people consider is the ease of finding
the remedies and the ease of paying for them. Keep in mind, not all people are on
insurance or have insurance that covers prescriptions. This means that natural
remedies are affordable and available, even if they have to be ordered online. They are
also generally as effective as the medical options.

Cons of Natural Remedies

The main con that people consider with natural remedies is that they will take more
doses and more due diligence in taking. For example, a natural antibiotic that can be
used for Lyme disease is andrographis. A traditional antibiotic is taken once a day for
about a week. Andrographis is taken in dosages of 3 to 4 capsules twice or more a day
for up to two weeks. This can make a big difference if you aren’t even sure if you have
Lyme disease or if you are having severe symptoms that are keeping you from working
or doing daily tasks.

This basic overview may give you the information you need to start down the medical or
natural remedy path. If you still aren’t sure which option to go with, make sure you have
a consultation with your doctor as well as a holistic or homeopathic doctor.

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