Natural Remedies For Lyme Disease

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When you hear about Lyme disease, you may not think of it has having a cure at all. If
you do think of cures when you think about it, you likely think of medications and
chemicals. What you may not know is that there are natural remedies for Lyme disease
that you can use as an alternative to chemical treatments you may be trying to avoid.
Here are a few of those remedies.


Andrographis is a natural antibiotic plant that is indigenous to India. This may make you
think that it is impossible to get. The truth is you can get this natural antibiotic at most
natural health food stores. The andrographis comes in a powdered form usually in
straight powder that can be added to teas and hot drinks or in a capsule form. Keep in
mind you will have to take multiple capsules in several doses a day for several days.
This is vastly different than traditional antibiotics which are once a day usually for seven
days. It is not abnormal, however, since herbal remedies may take higher amounts for
longer periods of time to work.

Diet Change

A diet change will help with Lyme disease. There are several options including a paleo
diet which is naturally gluten free and the Lyme disease diet. The purpose of these diet
changes is to give your body probiotics as well as fiber and immune boosting foods.
You will need to research which options are best for you and in what methods. Some
people prefer a superfood based juice or smoothie once a day that contains what they
need in one juice or smoothie. This can help boost the system and is the easiest diet
change to make.

Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are one of the most common natural remedies you may see used
for Lyme disease. You can have a natural fiber supplement, immune supplement,
vitamin supplement, and so on. One of the most common options that many people turn
to is a stronger liquid vitamin that contains superfood amounts and far more daily intake
than normally required. These liquid vitamins can be taken in one shot glass size dose
daily to help boost the body and give it what the Lyme disease needs to be cured.

Though these natural remedies are available, they may not be the full cure you are
looking for. Some may work better on some people than others and the results may
vary. Keep that in mind and try each one to see which option works best for you.

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