Senior Citizens And The Federal Grant They Can Get

Yearly, the Unites States government allocates part of its budget to organizations and individuals to receive grants authorized by the federal law. There are 26 federal agencies that offer more than 1,000 kinds of federal grants every year. Most of the federal grants would be received by non-profit organizations and foundations to be able to serve the public through their programs and projects.

Aside from federal grants, there are also private institutions and corporations who extend financial aid to those who are in need of it. There are about 72,000 foundations in the United States whose intent is to provide ways of helping those who are constantly looking for ways to improve public service, like health care and housing.

Every year, senior citizens are one the groups in the communities that have regular available grants to address their needs. Federal grants for seniors meet their different needs like education, health, housing, and safety. There are few grants which can be obtained individually, most of the grants are awarded through state or city governments and non-profit organizations and agencies.

Here are some grants that senior citizen centered organizations or individuals can apply to:

• Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities – this grant or assistance program provides financial assistance to the elderly so that their transportation needs can be addressed. Transportation projects whether in urban, small urban or rural areas are covered by this grant.

• Foster Grandparent Program – this grant provides assistance to agencies and organizations whose service focus on people aging 60 years and above with limited or low income. This also promotes volunteer service and creates a rewarding experience for the volunteers.

• Mortgage Insurance Rental Housing for the Elderly- this project aims to provide good quality rental housing for the elderly.

• Retired Senior Volunteer Program – this is also known as RSVP and provides grants to organizations and agencies who focus their services with people aging 55 years old and above and provide community needs of the elderly.

• Senior Community Service Employment Program – this is to provide and promote part-job opportunities for unemployed or low-income elderly (from ages 55 years old and above).

• Nutrition Service Incentive Program – this grant aims to engage agencies concerned with aging and Indian Tribal organizations in purchasing food and other commodities from the Department of Agriculture. This would be used in preparing nutritious and home-delivered meals, promoting healthy and nutritious lifestyle for the elderly.

As mentioned, most of the federal grants for senior citizens are received by non-profit organizations. but government agencies can also received funding, small business owned by the elderly, and individuals. Actually schools, public or private, can also apply for a federal grant, especially if programs for literacy among senior citizens are part of their programs.

Just like any grant application, organizations or individuals who are interested in applying for a grant should write a proposal stating the reasons why financial aid is needed and how the community or other people may benefit from the project.

When looking for grants that are best suited for your needs, there are many websites and also books in the public library that you can check for information. Just be cautious when checking internet websites which are asking for fees before they provide information about different grants and programs that you can apply to. These websites sometimes offer outdated information in exchange with your money.

You can also seek professional help when writing federal grant applications. Actually, there are reliable websites in the internet that can offer your quality customer service and assistance. You can ask other groups or directly coordinate with the local government office on how you can apply for federal grants for senior citizens.