4 Reasons to Keep Coconut Oil in the Bedroom

Coconut oil is often considered a miracle cure, as it can help with so many things. People use it for shiny hair and soft skin, to clean their teeth and freshen their breath, and add it to their food for loads of health benefits. It is something you should always have in the house, including your bedroom. Here are some different reasons to keep coconut oil in the bedroom.

You Have Instant Moisturizer

While there are a lot of different DIY products you can make by using coconut oil as an ingredient, you don’t necessarily need some fancy balm or concoction just to get good use out of it. All you really need to do is keep a container of it in your bedroom on your nightstand, then use a little bit in the palm of your hand whenever you need some moisturizer. It is a great option for ashy elbows, dry ankles, or to moisturize any part of your skin when you’re in a pinch.

It Works For Those Itchy Dogs

This is something not a lot of people think about when they are in bed. If you have a dog that struggles with itchy skin, no matter what you do, then you know how frustrating it is to watch your dog uncomfortable and scratching all night. Plus the sound of your dog scratching constantly can disrupt your sleep quite a bit. To help your dog and yourself, keep some coconut oil in the bedroom that you can apply to your dog’s skin before bed. It is safe to use on dogs and will help a lot with the itchy skin, plus help take care of the redness and irritation. You should test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t give your dog any negative reactions.

You Can Remove Your Eye Makeup

If you forget to wash your face before bed and don’t want to head back to the bathroom, you can simply keep some coconut oil in your bedroom to remove your eye makeup quickly and easily. Just keep a jar of coconut oil and some cotton balls in your bedroom.

Coconut Oil is the Perfect Night Cream

Your face is not the only place you might want to moisturize at night. You can also use your coconut oil on the bedside table as a night cream, such as a hand cream to wake up to soft hands, or even on your feet if you also like to moisturize them before bed. Having it in the bedroom makes it really easy to use on any dry skin.