How to Make a Fermenting Crock

A fermenting crock is used primarily for cabbage and vegetable fermentation. The cabbage or vegetables needs an airtight place to traditionally ferment. This is where crocks become a better vessel for this type of food fermentation. Though you can purchase your own fermenting crock that is ready to go, you may find that it can be difficult to find the right one. In these cases, some people turn to making their own fermenting crock. Here is the basic way to make your own fermenting crock and some things you need to know about each step.

Get a Mason Jar and Flip Top Lid

The first thing you are going to need is a mason jar. You need to have a large jar for this crock project. The jar needs to be at least a quart size, but you may also uses a gallon size if you can find one. Remember you do want to have a traditional mason jar. You do not want one that is for show, for tea, or for anything like that. You want one that has the traditional ring and seal and not one with just a screw top lid. This is important because you will need to use this fermenting crock in a certain way and smaller jars or less traditional options will not work as well.

The flip top lid will be easy to find. Most mason jar companies now make flip top water lids for people that like to drink from their mason jars during the day. You can buy one of these for find a flip top water bottle lid that will fit your chosen jar size.

Airlocks and Bungs

You will need a piece of equipment that is called an airlock. You can buy this at most wine and home brewing stores for less than a few dollars. While you are there, go ahead and pick up a bung. This is a standard piece of equipment that is necessary.

Putting It Together

Now that you have all your supplies, you can start on making the crock from your mason jar. Take that flip top lid and attach it to the top of your mason jar. Just screw it on like the normal lid. Place your bung over the the drinking hole and install the airlock. This makes your mason jar crock airtight and suitable for fermentation projects. The next step is to start fermenting. It is as easy as that.

Making your own fermenting crock is a great step to see if this is something you want to do more of. If you do like the way the crock works, consider buying your own crock that is ready to go, professionally sealed, and can be used over the years easily.