Basics of Storing Kombucha

When you start to make your own kombucha, you will find the need to know how to store it properly. You can’t just make the drink and put it in a bottle on your counter. There are steps to take to store it while it is fermenting and ways to store it after the fermentation … Read more

Ways Fermented Foods Help with Weight Loss

When you start down the path of adding fermented foods to your daily routine, you may hear that the foods will help with weight loss. What you may not know is how much they may help with your weight loss, how they actually work, and what you need to do to get the most benefits … Read more

Beginner Tips for Fermenting

So, you have taken on the idea that fermented foods may be for you. You already know the benefits, the categories of fermented foods, and how you want to use them. The problem is, that you may have some trouble finding all the foods that you want or at the very least finding them within … Read more

Ways Fermented Foods Improve Digestion

There are many reasons that someone may take on adding fermented foods to their daily routine. One of those reasons is to improve digestion. You may know that fermented foods will improve digestion. You may also know that they will help you with digestion related issues. What you may not know is how fermented foods … Read more

Benefits of Coffee Kombucha

When you think of kombucha you may not think about coffee. The truth is there are coffee kombucha recipes and each have their benefits. If tea is not your bag, consider the uses of coffee instead. This can especially be good for someone who is a heavy coffee drinker. Here are the benefits of coffee … Read more

What to Look for When You Buy Fermented Foods

When you are buying fermented foods, you may think that this will be a piece of cake. One of the more common foods is sauerkraut and you already probably have gone in and grabbed a jar with no issue. The problem with this is when you realize that you can’t just grab and go. You … Read more

Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods

You may have heard about fermented foods and you may have also heard people claim how great they are. You may hear people say they could not live without their fermented foods. These are all statements that may lead you to wonder what the real benefits of the foods are exactly and how they may … Read more

Benefits of Kombucha

Of all the fermented foods you can add to your routine, kombucha is likely the easiest. It is easy to make, easy to buy, and has benefits that you can gain from daily. In fact, you can drink just one kombucha a day and still get the needed benefits to see the difference in your … Read more

Best Cookbooks for Fermentation Recipes

As you begin down the route of food fermentation, you will likely want to expand the types of foods you take on in your daily diet. You may decide that you have a limited amount of foods available at your store. You may also find that you want to learn how to ferment your own … Read more

How to Add More Fermented Foods to Your Diet

After you begin your research on fermented foods, you may be overwhelmed with the different types and methods that you can add them to your diet. The issue comes in for most people, with actually adding more foods overtime so they can achieve the full benefit of what fermented foods have to offer. If this … Read more

How to Make a Fermenting Crock

A fermenting crock is used primarily for cabbage and vegetable fermentation. The cabbage or vegetables needs an airtight place to traditionally ferment. This is where crocks become a better vessel for this type of food fermentation. Though you can purchase your own fermenting crock that is ready to go, you may find that it can … Read more

Kombucha Recipes for Beginners

You may have started off with traditional kombucha and overtime decided you wanted to expand your options. This means you may want to change up the flavors and change up what you are adding to your kombucha. The problem is that many people do not know what they can add or how to create the … Read more