Ways Fermented Foods Improve Digestion

There are many reasons that someone may take on adding fermented foods to their daily routine. One of those reasons is to improve digestion. You may know that fermented foods will improve digestion. You may also know that they will help you with digestion related issues. What you may not know is how fermented foods help with digestion. Knowing how they work is one of the more important aspects of adding these foods to your diet.

Adding Good Bacteria

One of the main ways that fermented foods improve digestion is by adding good bacteria to your body. This good bacteria is what helps break down foods, move foods through your system, and aid in absorption of the minerals that you need to have in your system. Many nutritionists actually refer to fermentation being the first step in digestion. This means by having fermented foods you are boosting your body’s own natural digestive processes and helping them along to aid in your full digestive process.

Reducing Inflammation

When you have poor digestion, you will likely experience swelling. This swelling is due to inflammation in your intestines, stomach, and lower digestive system. The swelling is due to toxins in the system, backed up waste in the system, and the lack of absorption your system is doing. As the fermented foods, and the probiotics and bacteria from those foods, start to work in your system you will experience relief from inflammation. This means relief from stomach cramps and pain and relief to your body as a whole.

Reducing Blockages and Build Up

Blockages and buildup of food and waste can cause severe issues including leaky gut and IBS related systems. Good bacteria from fermented foods can release these blockages and break them down. This helps to clean out the colon, move waste out of the system, and prevent buildup later from additional issues. You must keep introducing good bacteria into your system on a regular basis in order to maintain the release of blockages and buildup and maintain a regular flow of your body digestive tract.

These are only a few of the ways that fermented foods improve digestion. There are many more ways, but these are the main ones. By knowing these, you will know what foods will be best for your diet routine, what to look for in store bough fermented foods, and how they work with your current diet and exercise to assist your body and your mind.