Crystals for Healing and Protection

Healing and protection come in many forms, from helping to protect you from negative
energy and bad dreams, to wanting to heal emotional wounds. Big protection requires
big energy, which you can get with the following crystals.


When it comes to using crystals for protection and healing, you will see quite a few that
are black. The reason for this is because black absorbs all the colors, meaning it can
absorb energies and help to protect you from them. Obsidian is a black crystal that will
help to absorb what is on your mind, including fears, worries, or negative energy. Just
make sure you cleanse obsidian on a regular basis as you need to rid it of the negative
energy so it doesn’t pass it back to you.


If you are struggling with emotional baggage and need some healing energy in the form
of being more calm and soothed, then smithsonite is a wonderful crystal to use. This
connects you better to your heart chakra, allowing you to connect better with yourself
and feel much more relaxed. It can be used to connect with your inner child and let the
healing begin.

Green Tree Agate

For healing your mind of traumas you might have endured any time in your life and to
begin protecting you from further emotional turmoil, consider using green tree agate.
This can help you find better balance and feel much more serene with your emotional
and mental healing. For green tree agate, you can either hold it close to your heart
when you need a little more emotional healing, or wear jewelry made with the stone.


For a balance of calm, serene energy and protection of your mind and heart,
aquamarine is a beautiful crystal to choose. This is the classic light blue crystal that so
many people are instantly drawn to. You may think you are just drawn to its lovely
shade, but it likely also because it provides you with soothing energy. Aquamarine can
also help you focus so if your emotional trauma is making it hard to focus, this is a great
crystal to use.


For all over healing and protection, use an amethyst crystal. This crystal is extremely
healing for your body and soul, but you need to cleanse it and charge it often to rid it of
negative energies. You will find you are able to heal negative emotions like sadness,
fear, anxiety, and even anger with amethyst.