Low-Carb Friendly Infused Water Ideas

If you’ve been trying to cut back on the carbs, and it’s essential that you be as extremely
strict with your intake, it can be very difficult to stick to a low carb program. This is
because nearly everything that is available to drink contains some measure of carbs, or
a ridiculous amount of sugar. One great way to get yourself a refreshing drink would be
to try and make some infused water. Infused water can easily be low in carbs and will
give you the refreshing flavor and nutrients that your body needs.

Peach Cantaloupe

This great recipe is full of excellent and important vitamins and minerals. Cantaloupe is
a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and other vitamins. Peaches are a great source of
many of the important minerals like phosphorus and manganese. Simply cut a peach
into thin slices and place it in the water with some small cantaloupe cubes. Let it sit for
about 3 hours or until the water takes on a golden color. Enjoy it with ice if you want it
chilled. Peach is on the lower end of the carb spectrum, but cantaloupe can be too high
for extremely low-carb diets. Therefore, depending on how much you are reducing your
carbs, you might want to use twice as much peach as cantaloupe.

Strawberry Watermelon

Strawberries and watermelons are both lower in carbs than fruit like apples.
Watermelon contains important nutrients that help with arterial health. Cut your
watermelon into cubes. You can either leave the strawberries whole or cut them in half.
Place the fruit in the water and let it sit for at least 3 hours, but you may want to wait to
try this mix until the following day when the water will be fully infused with amazing
properties! A dash of mint is always welcome with watermelon if you want to kick things
up a notch.

Watermelon Cucumber Mint

Mint is a great herb to put with watermelon because it is very refreshing to the mouth
and stomach. Cucumber is great for stimulating the elimination of excess water from the
body. When you put these ingredients together, you end up with a tasty and refreshing
drink with great perks. Cube some watermelon, cut cucumber into coins, and throw in a
shoot of mint. Let it sit for at least 3 hours.

Strawberry Ginger

This one is pretty simple. It has antibacterial properties as well. Take a handful of
strawberries and toss them into a container with two, 1-inch long pieces of ginger. Let it
sit overnight and you will have a great low carb drink that can help you keep your
stomach healthy.