Counting Macros While on Keto

In the keto community, there are many different people who choose to track their food in
many different ways. Some people track every single macro on apps like MyFitnessPal,
while others use apps like Carb Manager just to track carbs, fat, and protein. Some pay
close attention to the macro ratios, while others just make sure they are eating under 20
net carbs a day.

There is no right way to do it, but there are some methods that can make this a
complicated process.

Who shouldn’t track all their macros

If you are someone who has failed diets in the past because you hated keeping track of
everything, using apps to log all your food, and got overwhelmed by all the numbers,
tracking is NOT for you. Similarly, anyone who struggles mentally with tracking every
single macro is also not advised to do it.

Who should track their macros

Macro tracking is good for anyone who feels more secure knowing their diet is within the
right amount of carbs, proteins, and fat. Especially when you first start keto and want to
make sure your meals are fitting your macro goals.

What you can do instead of tracking

While you do need to know the net carbs you eat each day, everything else is optional.
Another method is to do a form of “lazy keto”. This is where you just eat all zero or low
carb foods, but don’t actually count your carbs or anything else.