Do You Need Keto Products and Supplements?

When you get into the state of ketosis, which happens starting about a week after
following the keto diet, your body produces what are called ketones. Ketone bodies are
produced when you start burning fat for fuel. Many people will test their ketones using a
ketone meter to ensure they are in ketosis, but this is absolutely not necessary!

Why not test your ketones?

Simply put, you don’t need to! Ketone meters are expensive and require you to test your
blood or breath on a daily basis. It is not uncommon for people to become over-
consumed by the numbers on the meter, stress out, and then feel like keto isn’t working
for them.

If you are trying to make keto easier for yourself, using a ketone meter to test your
ketones is the opposite of helpful.

Okay, what to do instead?

Just follow a keto diet, and that’s it! Count your net carbs each day to ensure you are
eating the right amount of carbs in order to get into ketosis, and let the rest work itself
out. As long as you are consistently eating under 20 net carbs a day, you will get into
ketosis. Let your body do its thing.

You Don’t Need Fancy Keto Products

Last, but not least, please don’t feel like you need to buy any fancy keto products. While
they can be helpful and convenient, they are absolutely NOT necessary. This includes
branded products you buy in the store, like packaged snacks, to buying ketones.

Of course, if you like to enjoy these foods instead of making all your own meals and
snacks, by all means enjoy them! But far too many people feel like they are necessary,
and that just is not the case.