Eating Out While on Keto

You can definitely still at out at most of your favorite restaurants even on the keto diet, it
just takes a little tweaking to the foods you used to eat. From finding restaurants that
offer more low-carb options to just switching up the meals you used to eat, you don’t
need to stop spending time with loved ones just because you’re on the keto diet.

Find the Safest Places to Eat

To make it a little easier on yourself, have a list of restaurants and fast food joints near
you that offer the most low-carb options. This might be grilled chicken nuggets, places
like Chipotle that offer bowls you put together yourself, or restaurants that have their
own low-carb menu.

Know the Basics from Most Restaurants

Since you don’t always have full control over where you are eating, it helps to know
some of the basic ones to reduce carbs in traditional meals. Here are some super easy
ways to make a meal low carb:

Have a side salad instead of fries or rice.
Order a bunless burger or grilled chicken sandwich.
Ask for “loaded” broccoli and skip the other sides and bread.
Get it lettuce-wrapped.

Try New Things

Now is a great time to try new things! Don’t be afraid to experiment with foods you
wouldn’t have ordered before. Maybe you want to try enjoying a steak with some loaded
broccoli on the side instead of your usual chicken tenders and fries, or you find a
restaurant offering roasted brussels sprouts with bacon that you have never had before.