How to Make the Transition to Keto Easier

If you want to start the keto diet, but aren’t quite sure you’re ready to go all-in, there is
another option. You can instead do a slow transition from your current diet to a low-carb

This is when you start adding more keto foods to your regular diet, and gradually
reducing the high carb foods. It isn’t the option for everyone, but many people find that it
works the best for them.

Start Swapping Out Carbs for Keto Foods

You can begin by making swaps in the meals you already eat. For example, if you have
rice on the side of your fish and broccoli, just swap out the regular rice for cauliflower
rice. Do this slowly, just with one type of food at a time. It helps you and your family
become accustomed to the small changes in order to reduce your carbs before going

Stop Buying High-Carb Foods

You will eventually want to get all the high carb foods out of your house, but if you’re
concerned about wasting money and food by throwing it all away, just stop buying them
for now. Eat the foods you already have, but make a commitment to not purchase any
more of them. Eventually during the transition, you will be left with all the keto-approved
foods in your house.

Switch One Meal at a Time

If you’re still not ready to go all-in with keto, just switch one full meal at a time. Maybe
breakfast is easiest for you because you love eggs and bacon. Start eating your keto
breakfast every day, then gradually also add in a keto lunch to your day.