What to Know About Your Food Environment

There are very few reasons to follow a diet like this if you don’t plan to do it for the
foreseeable future. This is true of most diets meant to help you lose weight. If you go
back to your old way of eating once you reach your weight loss goals, that weight is
going to come back as well.

To prevent this, you need to make sure it is sustainable for you. This means removing
all the rules aside from making sure you stay in ketosis. Here are some helpful ways to
make it more sustainable and long-term.

Control Your Food Environment

An easy way to make the keto diet more sustainable for you is to be aware of your food
environment. This includes the foods you keep in your house, appliances available for
cooking, and other places you go where there might be food temptations.

Managing Your Home Environment With Carb-Eaters

The simplest way to handle the food environment in your home is of course to just get
rid of all the carb-laden foods. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible when you have kids,
spouses, or roommates in the home not on the keto diet. But don’t worry – there are
ways to make it easier on you!

The best method is to keep your keto foods out in the open, in areas where you see
them first. And ask if you can “hide” the unapproved foods in cabinets and bins. For
example, move your roommates frozen pizzas and meals to the back of the freezer or
inside a bin you don’t see often, and keep your cauliflower rice and frozen veggies near
the front of the freezer.

Know Your Own Limits When it Comes to Temptations

Everyone is different when it comes to what tempts them the most. For some people, it
might be avoiding alcoholic drinks with their favorite sugary mixers. For others, they
have a hard time at the grocery store.

Figure out what tempts you the most, and try to avoid it if you can. You won’t be able to
completely avoid everything in life; you might have to drive past McDonald’s on your
way home from work every day. But is there a detour you can take, so you don’t smell
those fries through your car windows?

Sometimes bigger decisions need to be made, like spending less time with friends who
always ask you to just try their foods that you know aren’t allowed on the keto diet.
Setting boundaries is important with any lifestyle change.

Navigating Parties and Social Occasions

For holiday parties and other social occasions, don’t feel like you have to avoid all of
them. You can still enjoy time with friends and family, and have a fun life! Here are
some helpful tips for handling them:

Eat a low-carb meal before you go so that you are full and satisfied.
Avoid the area of the party with all the food that isn’t for you.
Ask the host if they can offer a low-carb option.
Make your own drinks so you know what is in them.