When is the Best Time to Start the Keto Diet?

When it comes to following the keto diet properly and making it a sustainable way of
eating, timing is really important. Much more important than you might think. Since this
is likely a considerably different way of eating than what you are used to, you don’t want
to rush into it.

Here are some tips for making sure you are choosing the right time to start the keto diet.
Remember this is a commitment for your health and goals.

Consider the Best Time to Start the Keto Diet

Yes, timing does matter! This can be true of many different diets, but especially ones
that change the types of foods you eat, not just how much you eat.

Here are some things to consider in order to get the timing of your keto diet just right:

What holidays or special occasions are coming up?

First of all, try not to start your keto diet right before an event where you will be tempted
to eat all the things. While you will inevitably need to navigate holidays and birthday
celebrations, it is much easier to do so when you have been on the keto diet for a while.
Expecting to handle a holiday party full of sweets just a week after starting keto is going
to be more stressful than it needs to be.

If possible, try to time the start of your keto diet to where you have at least a few weeks
to transition into this way of eating.

Do you have sufficient time for prepping and planning?

It will also help to make keto a little easier when you have the right amount of time and
energy for planning. Do not rush into this! You can’t just read one article about keto,
grocery shop, and start tomorrow. You are making it more complicated than you need
to, which is going to lead to you quitting after a few days.

Can it be sustainable right now?

Lastly, ask yourself is now a good time to be sustainable. This Is not a quick fix and
shouldn’t be treated as such. It is a complete lifestyle change, so you need to be
prepared for it. Go into the keto diet not as a way to experiment, but knowing you will be
eating this way for a long time.