The Benefits of Doing Pilates

If you are still on the fence about whether or not you should try Pilates, don’t worry!
There are a lot of health benefits, from fitness to non-fitness benefits. Here are some
reasons you should try Pilates.

Get a Long, Fit Body

First of all, the reason why a lot of people turn to Pilates as their form of exercise is
because it helps to create a long, lean, and strong body. You aren’t going to bulk up
with this exercise, but work on your core, strengthen your muscles, and really help to
elongate your body. In the process, it is working on full-body muscle groups, and
improving your balance, posture, and flexibility as well.

You Can Improve Your Memory

Not all benefits of doing Pilates are strictly for your body or getting toned. There are also
mental benefits, including improving your memory. There have been studies done that
show Pilates helps you to focus better, which in turn can improve your brain function
and your memory capacity. Even still, Pilates is a great way to start learning how to stop
what you are doing and focus on the different movements, which is going to be a great
benefit for you.

It is a Calming Experience

Pilates is often grouped with yoga because some of the moves are similar, and many of
the benefits are the same. One of the same benefits is that Pilates helps to relax you
and create a state of calm. It is not a high-paced cardio workout or even a hard weight
lifting workout. It is a slow, methodical exercise where you focus on your breathing,
engage your core, and let your muscles do all the work.

You Can Get Abs

Going back to the physical aspects of Pilates is the fact that it helps to give you those
abdominal muscles you have been wanting. Pilates goes far beyond just what crunches
and situps can do for you. There are a lot of different movements that really strengthen
your core, doing a lot of moves for flattening your tubby and even giving you some abs.

It is going to work out your upper and lower abdominal muscles, as well as your
obliques. Give it a try for a month and see what a difference it has made in your
abdomen. Plus, as an added bonus, your legs and arms get a good workout as well.