Using a Ball For Pilates

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Among the different accessories that can be used for Pilates, using a ball is a popular
option. You can either use a medicine ball, also called an exercise ball, or a mini ball for
a different set of exercises. Here are some ways to use a ball for Pilates.

Reach For the Stars

This Pilates move, often called a star reach, will actually provide more of a full-body
workout. In addition to working on your abs and oblique muscles, it is also great for your
legs and buttocks muscles. You are going to create a star-like shape with your entire
body. You will start with your feet apart, holding the ball in one hand. Lift the opposite
leg to the side as high as you can, then bend your body to the opposite side and touch
the ball to the floor. Keep that leg lifted as you bend, then go back up and repeat it.
Don’t forget to do the same amount of reps on the other side.

Work Your Triceps

This move is going to be for your triceps and shoulders, along with your abs like most
Pilates workouts. It is a super easy way to use the ball for more of a workout. For this
move, you will lay down on your mat on one side, with that elbow touching the mat. The
opposite arm is going to be up and out as you lift your body. What you want to do is
place the ball between your inner thighs, then raise the leg off the floor that is touching
the mat, helping to lift your body. Squeeze the ball with your legs as you do this.

Do Ball Pushups

This is a good option when you just want a super simple exercise by using the ball.
Remember this is using a full-sized medicine ball, not the smaller Pilates balls. For the
ball pushups, you want to lay on top of the ball, with your abdomen touching it, then
begin walking forward until you get the ball underneath where your thighs on. Now you
can do pushups on the ground with the ball in this position. It helps to provide more
stability for the move, while you engage your core and get a good arm workout at the
same time.

Don’t forget you can do a lot of different crunches by using the ball, depending on how
you hold it. It is a great accessory to have for Pilates.

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