Green Smoothie Bowl Variations

Smoothie bowls have a lot of different options, from going with a classic acai bowl, to
using your favorite fruits. Another option is to turn the smoothie bowl into a green
smoothie, where you are combining the traditional ingredients with lots of veggies. This
increases the nutrition of your smoothie bowl and makes it more filling. Here are some
ways to have a green smoothie bowl for breakfast.

Go Green With Greens

Green smoothies get their name from the color of the smoothie, which is often any
variation of a green shade, but where do they get the color from? Greens of course! The
bulk of your green smoothie, even in a smoothie bowl, is going to be your dark, leafy
greens. While you can use any greens, kale and spinach tend to be more popular
options. They have a mild flavor so it is still easy to sweeten your smoothie bowl and
have the nutrients from the green veggies at the same time. About a cup or two of
greens is good for a smoothie bowl.

Use Enough Fruit to Sweeten it Up

The next step after you have chosen your greens and veggies is to add fruit. This is
going to add more flavor to the smoothie bowl, so it doesn’t just taste like you are
drinking liquid vegetables. What you want to look for are fruits that don’t just help
thicken it up, like your bananas, but fruits that have a lot of sweetness. Fruits that are on
the tartier side really help to cover the flavor of the greens, like apples and certain types
of berries. Some other fruits that go well with greens are kiwi, strawberries, blueberries,
mango, and pineapple.

Add Extra Nutrients

You can go with more nutrient-dense ingredients both in the green smoothie and on top
when the smoothie bowl is done. This is when you start adding ingredients like chia
seeds, sunflower seeds, nuts or nut butter, coconut, and various dairy products for extra
calcium. On the top, some good nutrient-dense toppings include coconut flakes, cacao
nibs or powder, chia seeds, and goji berries. Get creative with your green smoothie,
focusing not just on taste, but texture and nutrition as well.

Experiment with differ combinations when putting together your green smoothie. There
is an almost endless amount of ways to turn the smoothie into a filling and healthy