How You Can Easily Incorporate More Walking Into Your Routine

If you have been wanting to get all the health benefits from walking, but struggling
finding a way to fit it into your routine, we can help! Here are some super easy tips that
will help you walk more each and every day.

Walk Instead of Drive

A simple way to get in a few more steps each day is to walk places that are within a
reasonable walking distance. Sure, if you are getting a week’s worth of groceries,
walking back from the store isn’t convenient. But if you are running an errand that is a
10-minute walk from your house, why drive?

Consider all the places you drive to that you could easily walk to. This might be picking
your kids up from school, dropping your dog off at the groomer, dropping a book off at
the library, or going to Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee. There are probably many
missed walking opportunities in your regular schedule.

Take Your Dogs on Longer Walks

Many people with dogs often just let them out in their backyard to go potty and get some
sunshine, but walks are important for them and for you! Most dogs love going on walks,
whether it is a light stroll once a day, or you take them to the park for longer walks.

Consider going at least 1-2 times a day where you don’t just let your dog out to potty,
but use that as an opportunity for a longer walk. Take a different route in your
neighborhood, find a local dog park, or head somewhere quiet that you know dogs are

Get Your Family Involved

A super easy way to walk more without thinking much about it is to involve your family in
the new routine. Walking is so much easier to do when you aren’t going alone and only
have yourself to rely on when it comes to motivation. Maybe your partner or spouse
wants to go in the evenings, or your kids want to walk with you over the weekend. Grab
some friends on your lunch break at work to walk for a few minutes after eating lunch.

Start a New Morning or Nighttime Routine

When you are working on improving your morning or nighttime routine, you can easily
add a short walk to it and it becomes it s own form of self-care. This makes it easier to
add to your schedule, and since it is part of your routine, you don’t even really have to
think about it. It becomes such an easy way to get more walking in.

As always, you can also use a pedometer or fitness tracker that will not only tell you
how much you are walking, but send alerts throughout the day after you have been
sitting for a while.