The 6 Best Treadmill Tips

Looking to use your treadmill for starting a walking routine? Here are some tips to keep in mind when you want to use a treadmill on a regular basis. 1. Stretch Before and After Your Workout People often think that if they aren’t doing a weight training routine or running a few miles, they don’t … Read more

The Benefits of Increasing Your Walking Speed

While your speed should not be a big consideration when you first start walking for exercise, it might eventually be something you are concerned about. This is especially true if you do your walking on a treadmill, as you are able to adjust your speed as needed. Here are some benefits of increasing your walking … Read more

Benefits of Stretching Before and After Your Walks

Walking is an effective way to help increase mobility and improve your overall health and well-being. While walking may seem like a less-intensive exercise when compared to other workouts, it’s still a good idea to thoroughly stretch and warm up before hitting the trail. The Benefits of Stretching According to Don Lein, PT, PhD from … Read more

The Many Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

No matter what your health status, weight, or goals are, there is always a good reason to add walking into your regular routine. If you can, try to walk for at least a few minutes a day, as it has so many different health benefits for you. Walking is Amazing for Your Heart To start … Read more

Benefits of Walking in the Evening

Are you starting a new walking routine and trying to choose between mornings or evenings? Here are some reasons why you might want to walk near the end of your day. Friends or Family Can Join You When you save your walking for the afternoon or evening, it tends to be easier to have others … Read more

Tips for Finding the Right Walking Shoes

Before you start a new walking routine, make sure you are wearing the right shoes! Believe it or not, running shoes are not always ideal if you just plan to walk or go on hikes. The type of walking you will do is what is going to determine which shoes you should be getting. Here … Read more

Benefits of Walking in the Morning

A common question people ask when they are considering starting a new exercise routine is when the best time to workout would be. If you are choosing walking as your main form of exercise, there are definitely some unique benefits to doing it in the morning. You Get it Out of the Way First Thing … Read more

Walking for Weight Loss: What You Should Know

While there are many benefits to walking aside from just losing weight, there is no mistaking this added health benefit. If you want to lose weight by eating right and adding in some more exercise, walking is a great choice. It is good for beginners, can be completely free, and is really easy to start … Read more

Dealing with Leg Cramps from Walking

While walking is an easy, beginner-friendly form of exercise, it is not without its risks. Some people experience leg cramps for a variety of reasons, but there are plenty of easy ways to deal with them and not have to skip your regular walking routine. What Causes Leg Cramps? Your leg cramps can come from … Read more

Walking to Jogging Your First 5K

You have to crawl before you walk; and walk before you run. If you have a goal to run or jog your first 5K, which is 3.1 miles, you probably want to start getting into shape by walking first. We have a super easy technique for gradually walking more and adding in some jogging so … Read more