The 6 Best Treadmill Tips

Looking to use your treadmill for starting a walking routine? Here are some tips to keep
in mind when you want to use a treadmill on a regular basis.

1. Stretch Before and After Your Workout

People often think that if they aren’t doing a weight training routine or running a few
miles, they don’t need to stretch. Don’t make this mistake! You still need to stretch even
if you plan on doing a short workout on the treadmill.

You want to get your legs, hips, and upper body all stretched out and ready to go. Some
people prefer a short warm-up before stretching, but this isn’t always necessary. Touch
your toes, do leg swings, try a few squats or lunges, and stretch your arms and
shoulders all before a workout.

2. Start Slow and Steady

Remember if you haven’t been walking regularly or are new to using the treadmill, you
want to start slow and steady. Do not just go from having no workout routine, to walking
5 miles on the treadmill or for an hour or so in your neighborhood. Chances are, this is
going to lead to sore and tired muscles, and cause you to burnout very fast.

Take your typical amount of walking now, and just add to it. This might be walking for 15
minutes instead of 5-10, or adding 1,000 steps to your day, depending on how you
choose to track your walking routine.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

Make sure you are using trainers or running shoes that fit well and can be used on the
treadmill. The shoes depend entirely on the type of workout you will be doing. If you are
going to walk, then jog or run on the treadmill, wear running shoes. Otherwise, typical
walking or athletic shoes are just fine. It is a good idea to go to a shoe store and find
someone knowledgeable at the fit and type of shoe, whether you have flat feet or an
arch, or you are struggling on finding the right size.

4. Choose a Designated Time Beforehand

It can be really easy to make your treadmill walk as short as possible, but you can
prevent this by choosing a designated amount of time before you even start walking.
Whether you are following along with a walking challenge that tells you exactly how long
to walk for, or you want to select a distance to walk before you stop, make sure you are
fully aware before you get started.

If you don’t do this, it is much easier to just walk the bare minimum with barely breaking
a sweat, before you give up.

5. Bring Entertainment

Let’s be honest – the treadmill is boring! It’s not like when you are walking outside and
can enjoy nature. You are probably just looking at the treadmill, the inside of a gym, or a
wall in your home. Make sure you have something to watch or listen to while finishing
your workout.

If your treadmill is at home, it is easy to turn on the TV or just listen to music without
needing ear buds, as long as it won’t be distracting to other people who are at home. At
the gym, bring along your phone and some ear buds so you can listen to music, watch
something on your phone, or listen to a podcast while you walk.

6. Challenge Yourself When You’re Ready

Starting slow is a great option if you aren’t accustomed to walking or exercise in
general, but don’t be afraid to challenge yourself when the time is right. This might
mean increasing your speed after your initial warmup, trying out different inclines, or just
walking farther than you have been.