The Many Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

No matter what your health status, weight, or goals are, there is always a good reason
to add walking into your regular routine. If you can, try to walk for at least a few minutes
a day, as it has so many different health benefits for you.

Walking is Amazing for Your Heart

To start with, one of the best health benefits of walking is that it helps to improve your
heart health. When you walk, your heart starts pumping more, allowing you to flex those
muscles and pump more blood to your muscles. This helps to strengthen your heart and
keep it healthy. You will also notice that your cholesterol and blood pressure go down
with regular walking, which can also help to improve your cardiovascular health and
reduce your risk for both stroke and a heart attack.

You Will Burn More Calories

As an added bonus, walking more is going to mean burning more calories over time.
The amount of calories you burn depend on a lot of factors, so don’t expect to burn
1,000 calories in a simple, 30-minute walk.

First of all, your body and how in shape you are will determine calories burned. This
includes your current weight, stamina, and heart rate during the workouts. Next, the
speed at which you walk, the terrain, and the incline are also factors to keep in mind.

Wearing a fitness tracker is the best way to know how many calories you are burning
during your walks, and can help you keep track of your heart rate when your walks

It Helps with Joint Pain

If you struggle with joint pain, from bad knees to arthritis, walking can help
tremendously. Walking can help to lubricate your joints, which is going to keep them
from being too stiff and sore. Building the muscles in your legs around your knee joint
also helps a lot with joint pain from arthritis, which is also another benefit of walking
more often.

Walking Encourages Other Forms of Exercise

One of the more unique benefits of walking is that many people get inspired to try other
workouts as well. It is very common for people to start their fitness routine just with short
walks. Maybe you walk at the park with your kids, or start a morning routine of walking
on a treadmill at home. Before too long, you will notice that you feel healthier and
stronger, and want to do more. You try yoga or pilates, join the gym, go for jogs or runs,
or start weight training.

You Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Don’t forget about your mental health! Walking doesn’t just help you physically, but
emotionally as well. Stress takes a toll on your entire body, so the more you can reduce
your stress and anxiety, the better your health will be overall.