Why Hiking is a Great Form of Exercise

If you are on the search for a good exercise that includes a lot of walking, but is more
interesting and a bit more challenging, hiking might be what you’re looking for. You get
your walking in, improve your cardiovascular health, and get to see beautiful scenery at
the same time. Here are some reasons why hiking is an excellent form of exercise.

Hiking Gets Your Steps in

Just like any other form of walking, when you hike, you are getting more steps in.
However, there are many other benefits at the same time, so many people find this a
much more enjoyable way to do it. Instead of just walking in your neighborhood, at the
gym on a treadmill, or at a local track, you can go to the park or a hiking trail in your
area and have a much more interesting way to get those steps in.

Keep in mind if your main goal is to walk a certain number of steps a day, you don’t
need to take a super complicated hiking trail. Choose one of the flatter trails in the
beginning, and you will get your steps in, have all the benefits of hiking, but not feel
completely worn out afterward.

You Get to Enjoy Nature

What is better than getting in a good workout while also enjoying what nature has to
offer? Your surroundings during a hike are so beautiful, no matter where you live. You
probably don’t spend much time outdoors on a regular basis, as most people don’t.
Everyone is driving to work, exercising at the gym, or so busy when they are outside,
they don’t enjoy it.

But during a hike, you are on a slow and steady walk while you enjoy the sights. It can
actually be a really meditative and mindful experience.

It is More of a Workout

When you hike, you are doing a lot of walking up and down hills, climbing over tree
stumps, and moving your body a lot more than just on a regular walk. This creates a
much better workout for your stamina, your muscles, and your entire body.

No matter what trail you take, it is never going to be as flat as the ground or the
treadmill at a lower incline. You will definitely be working your body a little harder during
the hike, which gets your steps in with the added benefit or more muscle toning.

Tips for Hiking

Here are a few more tips to help you get the best hiking workout you can:

Start slow with the beginner-friendly trails. This prevents you from getting burnt out,
or worse, getting too tired halfway through to finish it.

Bring a friend with you. Hiking can be a solo experience, but when you’re new, it
helps to bring someone along with you.

Make sure your phone is fully charged. You won’t be near a lot of people or
civilization on a hike, so you want a fully charged phone just in case.