Equestrian Products: Horse Blankets

Equestrians engage into highly competitive sports. Although horse back riding is mostly reserved for the rich, people of all ages can try it. It takes a lot of work and discipline to be able to train a horse. It also takes a lot of patience to ride them. Equestrian sports have been included in the Olympics. Although the rider is as equally important as its horse, the chances of winning in the competition do not lie on them. Like racing cars it’s important that horses are in their maximum health.

There are many products out there that could help the horse. They are available online. One of the most important products is the horse blanket. They can also be called rugs or sheets.

Does my horse need a blanket?

Horse blankets are important to protect horses from nature’s elements. Like us they also need to be protected from the rain, cold, wind and heat from the sun. Horses that are left without blankets during the season have more chances of getting ill.

There are different types of horse blankets, rugs or sheets. Their use will depend on what your horse needs.

Coolers and anti-sweat rugs
As the name suggests they prevent the horse from getting chills when they cool down after exercise. These rugs are breathable with mesh. The size of the mesh can very depending on the horse. Fine mesh helps to keep off flies.

Fly sheet or rug
This protects the horse from insects and flies during summer when they are grazing. The sheet is also available with additional attachments such as neck covers, bonnets and fly masks. These additional products provide complete protection from the horse.

Summer sheet
It’s a variation of the horse which is much lighter. They are used to protect horses from dusts and flies during summer. They can also be used as travel rugs.

Under blankets or liners
They are placed on the horse as a protection from friction from stable rugs. They are placed underneath stable rugs. They come in different materials. The traditional under blanket is made of wool. Modern under blankets are made of lightweight materials and are considered as under rugs.

Stable rugs
They are used to protect the horse from the cold during winter while being stabled. They come in varying, colors, thickness and weights. Different thickness and weights offer varying degrees of warmth. They are also breathable which enables the horse’s sweat to evaporate. Under blanket can also be placed underneath the stable rug to add warmth. This is usually needed when the horse is stabled day and night.
Turnout rug

They are used to keep the horses clean when they are out in the field. They ca also provide warmth during the winter. Turnout rugs should be long enough to cover the horse’s belly. The front should also have a good overlap. These rugs usually have pleats on the shoulders to enable movement. These rugs also come in different thickness and weights. Turnout rugs vary from light weight with no filling for the summer, and heavy weight with filling for the winter.

No matter which rug you use it’s important to keep your horse well protected. Like a well oiled machine they perform best when taken cared off. Horses are not like cars that can be repaired again and again. A horse’s health is as vital as the rider’s.