Gift Ideas for Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

If you are trouble with what gift to give for a friend, a relative or a love one, the best source of idea is his or her hobby. If he or she loves mountain biking, here are some gift ideas to take note of:

While it is nice to have a floor pump ready in the garage, most flat-outs happen on the trail. In fact, it is the most common problem bikers experience. Portable or mini air-pump is a real life saver. So if you know that he or she doesn’t carry a mini pump while on the trail, consider this as your first gift choice. Throw in a pressure gauge too. Or better yet, buy a mini air-pump with built-in pressure gauge.

Spare Inner Tube
At any given point, mountain bikers can experience a flat. Sometimes, tires get ruptured beyond repair and must be replaced while in the trail. It would really help if you buy spare inner tube as a gift to save your biker friend from walking a long way down the mountain carrying his bike in case he hits a nasty bump.

Trail multi-tool
Aside from portable air-pump, every mountain biker should carry a trail multi-tool in case of breakdown while on the trail. There are different kinds of trail-multi tool on the market. I suggest that you buy one that has a built-in chain tool.

Sunglasses function as protection from dust, insects, and other particles that can enter the eyes while riding. They also serve as filter and light enhancer. Go for functional and stylish sunglasses.

Wearing a pair of gloves is a must during riding. It protects the biker’s palms and fingers during crash. As a gift, it is something that bikers can’t have too many of.

A backpack that can house everything a biker needs is another gift option.

Water Bottle or Hydration Pack
A stylish water bottle is another gift idea that you cannot get wrong with as any style, size and color will do. Hydration pack with bladder on the other hand has gained more popularity as it is more convenient to drink from and has enough room for the biker’s snack, pump and tools at the same time.

Mountain Bike Apparel
This is easy and probably the safest way to make him or her happy. Bike shirts, jackets and shorts are most appreciated. There are hundreds of types and several brands to choose from. All you need to do is to know his size and his taste.

Figuring out which part of your friend’s bike needs to be upgraded is the tricky part. But you can easily get a clue during conversation. If it is the bike that is the topic, you can always casually ask the parts that he or she wants to get replaced. It can be a surprise if you secretly bring it to the bike shop and have something upgraded.

A New Bike
Feeling extremely generous? Why not give him or her a brand new bike? But don’t just go a bike dealer and point on one bike on display (or browse online and buy the first bike on the list). You must know what he or she wants and needs. Have a casual talk or go to a bike dealer with him (or her) and observe his (or her) movements.

You will surely get a clue of what type of bike he or she wants.