Tips for Meal Planning the Keto Diet

If you don’t plan properly, you won’t be able to stick to the keto diet. This is true for the majority of people. This is not like a calorie counting diet where you can eat whatever you want within a certain number of calories. You are changing how you eat, the types of foods you … Read more

What to Know About Your Food Environment

There are very few reasons to follow a diet like this if you don’t plan to do it for the foreseeable future. This is true of most diets meant to help you lose weight. If you go back to your old way of eating once you reach your weight loss goals, that weight is going … Read more

When is the Best Time to Start the Keto Diet?

When it comes to following the keto diet properly and making it a sustainable way of eating, timing is really important. Much more important than you might think. Since this is likely a considerably different way of eating than what you are used to, you don’t want to rush into it. Here are some tips … Read more

Counting Macros While on Keto

In the keto community, there are many different people who choose to track their food in many different ways. Some people track every single macro on apps like MyFitnessPal, while others use apps like Carb Manager just to track carbs, fat, and protein. Some pay close attention to the macro ratios, while others just make … Read more

Do You Need Keto Products and Supplements?

When you get into the state of ketosis, which happens starting about a week after following the keto diet, your body produces what are called ketones. Ketone bodies are produced when you start burning fat for fuel. Many people will test their ketones using a ketone meter to ensure they are in ketosis, but this … Read more

Eating Out While on Keto

You can definitely still at out at most of your favorite restaurants even on the keto diet, it just takes a little tweaking to the foods you used to eat. From finding restaurants that offer more low-carb options to just switching up the meals you used to eat, you don’t need to stop spending time … Read more

Finding Keto Foods You Love

One of the simplest ways to start a keto diet is by making a list of low-carb foods allowed on the keto diet that you already enjoy eating. This is going to take a lot of the pressure off, and help you figure out meals you will enjoy even without the added carbs. Start With … Read more

Getting Support When You Are on a Keto Diet

If you are embarking on a journey to follow a ketogenic diet, make sure you are getting enough support. This is so important with such a big lifestyle change, and is going to make this process a lot easier on you. Set boundaries, find people to lean on, and avoid anyone who judges your decision … Read more