How do You do Keto as a Whole Food Diet?

The keto diet is a popular option that encourages you to eat as many quality meats and veggies as you can get your hands on. However, you might also want to do a whole food diet at the same time. Here are some tips for combining a whole food diet with the ketogenic diet. Stick … Read more

How do you do Keto While Vegetarian?

When people talk about low-carb diets like keto and other low-carb high fat (LCHF) diets, they often talk about eating a lot of meat, fish, and cheese. While this is a healthy way to do the diet, it isn’t the only way. You can also be a vegetarian and do the keto diet, there are … Read more

What are Fat Bombs?

As you know, keto isn’t just about cutting carbs, but adding in more fats. You need healthy fats to enter ketosis, where your body actually burns more fat for energy. This is what makes the ketogenic diet so beneficial for weight loss and continued weight management. Some people experience difficulty with their fat intake, which … Read more

Are There Flour Alternatives for Baking?

If you want to do some baking while on keto, you still can! Many people think all baked goods and breaded fried foods are out, but that isn’t the case. While you won’t be making them the same way as you used to, there are still some flour alternatives that you can use if you … Read more

What is Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional yeast may sound like something you bake with, but it is actually used as a flavoring component for many ketogenic meals and snacks. It tastes like a nutty type of cheese, so you can do everything from top salads to add it to your soups. Here are some things to know about this unique … Read more

Can You Do Keto Without Veggies?

When you switch to a keto diet, one of the things you might be confused about is whether or not you can eat your vegetables. One thing to remember is that the ketogenic diet is not the same as the Atkins diet. You are not trying to eat a diet of primarily meat and cheese. … Read more

What Should You Know About Sugar Alcohols?

During the ketogenic diet, you will begin reading labels on anything and everything you purchase. While cutting back on processed and packaged foods is highly recommended, there are still times when you might want to get a low-carb treat or snack from your nearby supermarket. One thing you will notice with low-carb packaged foods is … Read more

Can You Drink Alcohol While on Keto?

After being on keto for a while, there may come a time when you want to go to happy hour with co-workers or enjoy a cocktail with friends or family. While this isn’t something you should do all the time, you can still have alcohol and follow the ketogenic lifestyle. Just like anything else, you … Read more

Why do You Have to Worry About Electrolytes on keto?

If you ever feel ill, especially with flu-like symptoms like dizziness or muscle weakness, you might have what is called the keto flu. This occurs when you are not getting enough electrolytes due to the changes in your food. Here are some things to know about the important electrolytes you need to focus on when … Read more