How to Use Essential Oils For Lyme Disease

Essential oils are something nearly everyone has heard of in one way or another. At the
most basic level you have probably heard of using essential oils for relaxation. You can
put them in a diffuser and fill the area for a form of therapy. What you may not know is
that some essential oils can be used topically for assistance with various elements of
Lyme disease. Here are some of those oils and how to use them.

Natural Deterring Around the Home

You can use essential oils in a non-topical manner that will help deter the ticks from
your home. The easiest way to do this is to make an essential oil spray specifically for
pests and ticks. This spray is made of eucalyptus oil, lemon, and orange oils. Mix them
with witch hazel and rubbing alcohol. Spray this around the house and the doorways or
entryways of the home. It should also be used around crawl spaces. You will need to
apply it again after a heavy rain as it will be washed away and needs a reboot.

Ache and Pain Bath

Mint oils as well as lavender can help with body aches and pains. Though you can use
these directly on the body, there is another way to help with aches and pains. Take four
cups of Epsom salts and add 10 to 12 drops of each of the previously mentioned oils.
Mix thoroughly and allow to dry on a cookie sheet or flat surface. Put the mixture into an
air tight jar. When you need to use the salts, add one cup to your warm bath and soak
for at least thirty minutes. This will help with the aches and pains from the Lyme

Cold and Flu Relief

Peppermint oil is ideal for cold and flu relief. You can place a few drops into a blank
inhaler. You can purchase these at most health food stores. When you are congested,
use the inhaler. It will help to open nasal passages and relieve the headaches caused
by the sinus issues and congestion. You can also mix the peppermint with a carrier oil
or lotion and use on your chest and feet.

You can try mixtures of oils, but make sure that you are using pure oils. Oils that are cut
with a carrier oil or that are not therapeutic grade will not be as effective, if at all.