Different Types of Pilates

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While the basic Pilates that Joe Pilates invented is still practiced today, there are many
other forms as well. Here are some different types of Pilates to consider trying out.

Reformer Pilates

The first type of Pilates you can try out is called Reformer Pilates. This is a type of
Pilates you do with a workout machine called a reformer. It has actually been around
since the classic form of Pilates and was invented by Mr. Joseph Pilates himself. The
original reformer included a frame similar to a small bed with a flat platform that moved
back and forth on the frame. This would help to do some different types of Pilates
workouts, depending on where your body was positioned. There are newer versions of
this same machine depending on where you get it and the types of Pilates moves you
want to do.


This isn’t just one type, but a concept based on different variations. There are fitness
instructors online (Blogilates for example) as well as local instructors that will have a
class where they combine yoga and Pilates into one workout. This often includes some
of the important core workout you learn in Pilates, helping to strengthen your abs and
work on your core muscles, but also does a lot of the classic yoga moves mixed in as
well. This helps to provide you with a solid foundation and provide a good full-body

Stott Pilates

You may also have heard of a type of Pilates called Stott Pilates. This form of Pilates
was invented by a dancer, therefore it does include quite a few dancer moves and
conditioning exercises along with Pilates. It uses some of the more modern workout
moves with Pilates for a full-body workout.

Some other types of Pilates that you might hear about are Fletcher Pilates, Power
Pilates, and Winsor Pilates. Then there are instructors at different fitness centers that
have Pilates classes, but incorporate their own style and workout moves. It is good to
try some different workouts until you find the one that works best for you. Some do best
with the original 23 classic Pilates moves, while others like to incorporate yoga, dance,
or aerobic type workouts into their routine. It isn’t so much that you need to choose one,
but that you should try different varieties until you find the workout that is perfect for you.

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